Thursday, May 13, 2010 – Share your Code!

What is CodePaste.NET?

CodePaste.NET is a public site for pasting snippets of code and linking to them from social network sites. Post and link, post and link! Think of it like a linkable scratch pad for code snippets that provide syntax color highlighting, basic tagging and descriptions. Once posted you can link to the snippet from social network sites like Twitter and FaceBook or instant message and chat applications like Skype or Messenger.

Tweet Example Skype Example

Creating snippets is fast and easy: Simply paste your code into a textbox, add a title, choose a code syntax for the code and paste it. Done! The link is immediately available online for linking - simply pick up the Url from the address bar or use the Tweet this Snippet button to link away.

You can subscribe to various snippet lists via RSS feeds. There's a main, recent snippets feed , but you can also subscribe to a user's feed or feeds for certain keywords by utilizing the Format dropdown from most list pages to select a RSS Feed output.

It's Free
This site is open to all and free to use. Simply post a code snippet and pick up the resulting link to paste into your social network client. CodePaste.NET urls are short so they don't take up a lot of space in your Twitter tweets. Snippets can be posted anonymously or you can optionally create a user account using OpenId to keep track of your previous snippets and some basic stats. Anonymous snippets are removed after 10 days, so if you want permanent snippets please sign-in.

Please use this site for good, not evil.

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