Thursday, June 03, 2010

Apple & Att iPad 3G unlimited data plan marketing criminal?

Last month I purchased the best iPad I could (64GB with 3G) for my wife as a mothers day present specifically because of the unlimited $29.95 a month data plan which was advertized by both Apple and Att.

Now less then a month later Att’s announcement that they will no longer offer the plan is no less then criminal on both Att’s and Apple’s part.

Had I known that the plan would not be available I would never have waited and spent the extra money for a version with 3G when clearly the cost of using the plan is unpredictably expensive.

Over the last several years I have heard (but not participated) in the Att bashing, however, clearly I should have seen the unethical behavior.

I am a capitalist and understand that nothing in life is free. I don’s expect anything from anyone that I don’t deserve (pay for). However, what Att is doing is selling a service (unlimited data) and then complaining that people are using it. They should never have offered the plan to begin with.

The fact that they did and Apple and Att marketed a device based on service and a plan then revoked it within 2 months is just bad customer service and business.

After being a loyal customer with many active accounts with Att I will do everything in my power to take my business both personnel and otherwise to another provider who are has some ethics.

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