Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Reading List

I am preparing to go on a weeks vacation to the Florida Keys with my family this weekend.  In preperation I have collected a list of reading material I want to read during my trip.  I use to read fiction for fun and have not in the last few years.  While I might finish Ford County by John Grishem, a book I have had for over a year, I plan on reading alot of programming related material.

Most of what I have collected are blog posts and articles.  I have a single "book" I am bring which is "Micrsoft .Net Architecting Applications for the Enterprise" (MSPress Dino Espositio and Andrea Saltarello).

Here are some of the articles I plan to take in;

C++ Beginner's Guide -
Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4  -
EF CTP4 Walkthrough: Code First  -
Learning WCF RIA Services  -

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