Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who reads my blog?

It is always interesting to see who is reading my blog.  Over the last several months I have been tied up on several projects and have not been able to blog but hope to start back up again soon.

I have a number of helpful posts that are ranked number 1 by Google and below are some of the companies that visit the blog.

Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, University of CA (Santa Cruz), Intel, Facebook, State of Alaska, Southwest Airlines, Fidelity Investments, Perot Systems, Yahoo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, State of Florida, Staples, Level 3 Communications, State of North Carolina, General Motors, Genworth Financial, Credit Suisse and Symantec Inc.

Each of this companies visited by site for one or more technical postings.  Of course there is thousands of individuals visiting the site also.

You never know who is paying attention to your postings and its inspiring to see such interest.

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