Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Create a Project from Existing Code Files

There are a few scenarios where you may have code files but be missing the project and/or solution file. This is common when downloading sample files from websites like Code Project or other such sites. One of the new features of VS2010 is the ability to create a project/solution file from existing code files. While this is not one of the more glamorous features it is a nice feature that can save some time.

Accessing the feature is simple, however, keep in mind that this does not create a new project/solution by copying the current files into a new project. Rather this feature adds the project/solution files to the folder you select.


Select File, New, Project From Existing Code (figure 1).

Figure 1

Select the project type you want to generate (figure 2)

Figure 2

Select the location of the code files, provide a name for the new project file and select the project output type (figure 3).

Figure 3

While this is not one of the revolutionary feature enhancements in VS2010 it does provide a nice service and one of many functions added to simplify the development process.

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