Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Source Gear Fortress Upgrade

In my migration to VS2010 I found an issue with my current source control provider version.
I am a current Source Gear Fortress customer and running 1.1.1 without a current support agreement.  I checked the Source Gear website about an upgrade to Fortress 2.0 and found it would run over $3000 for my team to upgrade.  I called and spoke to sales and they informed me of an offer they have until June 15th. 

I have been using them for several years and been really happy. While I am considering moving to TFS (with all the positive changes in TFS2010) I will be using Fortress for a while longer.

If you're a current Source Gear user and cannot switch to TFS right now you should look into this offer.

This is the offer they have for a limited time:

Last week Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2010. For the next 60 days, you can upgrade to Fortress 2.0 for just $149/user.

Why upgrade? Fortress 2.0 fully supports Visual Studio 2010 integration. Even better, $149 is $10 off the usual upgrade price from version 1.1 ($249).

You don't need to be a VS 2010 user to be eligible for the discount. If you've received this e-mail, you can upgrade to Fortress 2.0 for just $149.

There are lots of other great reasons to upgrade, including:

•    New VSS Handoff
•    New Shelve Feature
•    Web Client Redesign
•    Email Settings Improvements
•    WebDAV connections enable cross-platform support for DreamWeaver

It's easy to upgrade. Login to the SourceGear Customer Service Portal [CSP] using the link below to see our product catalog. You'll see an option to purchase a new Fortress 2.0 key for $149 for each license registered under your name:


This offer will expire on June 15, so don't delay.

Want more information first? Our Engineering Manager Jeremy Sheeley highlights some of the great new features of Fortress 2.0 at the Vault blog:


Interested in more information on VS 2010 integration with SourceGear Fortress? Please see this Knowledge Base article:


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