Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VS2010 Side-by-Side Installation

Today I installed VS2010 Ultimate side-by-side with VS2008 on my primary development workstation. After sweating it out for about 20 minutes the installation went exterammly smooth. I have worked on several VS2009 solutions and a couple VS2010 test solutions without any issues.

Source Control Issue
I am currently using Source Gear Fortress (version 1.1.1) and debating upgrading to version 2.0.3 which will be a pay upgrade to obtain VS2010 support or moving to Team Foundation Server. I have a heavy investment in Source Gear with a couple repositories and a lot of projects. With the number of members on my team and current workload I don't want to take on the learning curve of a new ALM solution, however, at the same time I don't want to spend a lot of money on an upgrade I might not keep very long as I want to migrate to TFS as soon as I can.
If anyone has any thoughts on Source Gear Fortress 2.0 vs. Team Foundation Server on a team of less than twenty please drop me a note. Also, any thoughts on automating the migrations from source gear to TFS.

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